Records achived by Tatra airplanes

Tatra aircraft achived numerous accomplishemts in their very short history.

In 1937, Tatra aeroplanes aroused public notice with international speed records in the light sport aeroplane category on closed triangular curcuit routes. Captain Cervinka obtained a number of records with Tatra T–001: solo over 100 km, 100 km with two persons, solo record of 500 km and the record on a 500 km route with two persons, all with the speed of 231 km/h. On the 16th March 1938, the Tatra T–101 was flown by Major K. Brazda to several height records in the category of light multi-seat sport aeroplanes with engine capacity up to 4 litres. Firstly, a height of 7,113 m was reached, breaking the international record for two-seat aeroplanes and at the same time an old height record for single seat aeroplanes was broken as well. Subsequently, the aeroplane reached the height of 7,470 m, which was 1000 m over the existing acknowledged height record. In the same year, a record distance flight direct from Prague to Al-Khartoum was made, covering some 4,340 km without any stops. Learn more about this record flight.